Closing the Hunger Gap is embracing a new structure and we want you to be involved!  We heard from you at the 2017 Closing the Hunger Gap conference that you want to connect with peers across the nation and in your region, to share information and resources, and to continue to learn and explore how to ground our work to end hunger in social justice.  To help us connect, learn and grow, the Closing the Hunger Gap Leadership Team is delighted to present a new network structure that includes many more ways for you to be a part of the network beyond the biennial conference. That is where you come in!

We have constructed a framework of what our network will look like and will be introducing new pieces and interactions as our network grows and we formalize our structure and capacity. As we continue to grow in size, we will leverage our members to strengthen regional working groups. While there is great value in convening nationally, we all know this work is done locally and impacts communities.

Our vision for our network is:

  • We envision a time when all people can determine their own futures; when nutritious food is recognized as a human right; and when there is a political will to end hunger and its root causes.
  • We envision ourselves as part of a growing, national network of collaborators and learners that engage with and support movements led by the people most impacted by hunger and poverty.

As we move further into 2018 you will hear more from us as we share new groups and efforts in the goal of growing and focusing the Closing the Hunger Gap network. In the meantime, please refer to the attached structure document that shares our vision, purpose, and new framework for the CTHG Network.

If you support our vision and purpose, we ask that you join as a member of the Closing the Hunger Gap network by completing the membership registration form below.

We thank you so much for your continued passion and commitment to ending hunger in our communities across the country. We are excited to move forward in lockstep with you all.

In solidarity,

Closing the Hunger Gap Leadership Team